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Julie Chan

Julie Chan

I grew up in Toronto with an interest in classical art. After graduating from McMaster University in Multimedia and a minor in Art History, I continued with Sheridan College in Computer Animation. I began my career in the film industry where I teamed up with the post-production crew at IMAX to work with 3D graphics and rendering tech. We launched the following IMAX features: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005), Poseidon (2006), and Superman Returns (2006). As a content creator, working on feature films was undeniably rewarding. Returning to design and development in web-based media, I got my start in television at a children's entertainment company with a large programming library of both classic and award-winning shows. Popular kids programs that aired on major networks were enhanced with a digital strategy that included online games and media-rich websites.

Following television, I headed towards the IT and Marketing landscapes with companies such as Staples, Disney, and UCLA. I have been based out of Toronto and Orlando. I am currently in Los Angeles.

PEBBLEROSE is about marketable content with a meaningful relationship to a creative solution. By partnering with talented designers and developers, see how we can make your brand come together. Enhance your connection to the market by setting up an online presence that delivers.


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